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[REVIEW] Assassins Creed: Syndicate – Jack the Ripper

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And maybe that guy with the bag on his head..

Set in a stunning 19th century London at the height of mysterious and much debated Ripper murders, this dark new expansion from the Assassins Creed franchise offers 10 brand new missions, plus the usual fare of side quests and collectibles you would expect from Ubisoft. Much beloved characters Evie and Jacob Frye make their return along with a cast of new and recurring characters to chase the elusive and cunning Ripper through the streets and alleyways of Whitechapel. Continue reading “[REVIEW] Assassins Creed: Syndicate – Jack the Ripper”

What’s up with that – Assassins Creed: Syndicate, Please don’t be terrible!

Did you know that in 2014, the Assassins Creed franchise released 4 new games, 1 HD remake of a game, 2 fictional novels, 1 non-fiction novel and a board game as well? AC: Unity and AC: Rogue, the big releases of the year, did ok in terms of reviews and community response, but as for the all of the spin off games and novels, I didn’t even know they existed until I looked it up. Assassins Creed Monopoly is perfectly fine by me though. Continue reading “What’s up with that – Assassins Creed: Syndicate, Please don’t be terrible!”

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